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STR Consulting is a firm that grounds its practices in research and training on anti-oppression and decolonizing frameworks that are trauma and survivor informed. 

  • STR consulting works collaboratively to build impactful training that are designed to meet and match the needs of clients. 

  • STR equips clients with the tools and resources towards making effective, paradigm shifts in areas of equity, diversity and inclusion  

Who we can work with... 


  • Multi-sectoral leaders  

  • Executives  

  • Managers  

  • Individuals  

  • Business leaders  


We also work with...


  • Organizations  

  • Coalitions  

  • Committees

  • Agencies  

  • Government


STR is highly skilled at working with multi-level and multi-sectoral stakeholders to inform changes that shift the outcomes in policy, strategic priorities and community responses. Together STR Consulting and clients work in partnership to create transformative outcomes that are rooted in equity for high impact results.  



Shequita Thompson-Reid 
Founder & Principal Lead

Shequita Thompson-Reid has been working at the intersections of community development and equity for over 15 years. 


Currently, she brings with her expertise within the fields of Program Development, Youth Engagement, Capacity Building, Housing, Violence Prevention, Conflict Mediation and Equity.  She is well versed in working from practices rooted in decolonization and anti-oppression frameworks. 


Shequita has worked successfully across various organizations to lead and support a range of broad band and high impact outcomes to achieve the desired goals at multi-level and multi-sectoral non profit and government spaces.  


Shequita has developed, led and facilitated training and education on Conflict Mediation, Violence Prevention, Equity and Anti-Oppression to name a few. She also excels in coaching and professional development for individuals, executives and organizations looking to engage in change management processes. 


Shequita also Co-founded a grassroots program, Words of Wisdom.  This program used books as a catalyst towards having deeper conversations into inter-generational trauma, identity, equity and healthy relationships.  In 2015, she traveled to Ghana to participate in a knowledge exchange with young women and girls globally, and developed collaborative strategies to end gender-based violence. She holds an Honors BA from the University of Toronto with a specialization in Sociology and Gender Studies. 


"I am, because we are" Ubuntu

African Proverb  


Click below to discover the training, workshops and series that will inspire and take you and your team to the next level in your growth. Change can be hard for everyone, but with the right supports in place, it is possible. Take a look at the training options offered, and if you don’t quite see what you are looking for, drop us a line and we can create a workshop tailored to you!  

Click Here to learn about our new Social Justice and Equity Training workshop!


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