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Working with various populations and putting clients at the core of your work is something we strive for but often times miss the mark with, due to external factors. This workshop series will provide the space to discuss the work you carry along with developing strategies pivotal to creating sustained change  

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This Training series will spend time looking at organizational structures and the importance for equity to be imbedded as the guiding framework for your organization. This series dives in to key principles needed to ensure that your agency is considering equity at all levels of engagement.  


This workshop series will spend time working with participants to identify ways to start to unlearn internalized ways that we have been trained to think of gender roles in society. This series will also look at the structure of violence and reflect ways that we can heal through trauma we have experienced.

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Change is everywhere but change is hard! Developing coping strategies for transitions that occur in our life and work is a requirement, especially during moments of uncertainty. This workshop series will address and look at organizational change and important considerations to understand and navigate through systems change

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