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This workshop is an introductory course to understanding an anti-oppression framework. This session will unpack and explore the ism’s that exist in society and how they manifest within our daily experiences. This interactive training explores key case studies to contextualize experiences present. Participants will gain key insights towards understanding oppression on a deeper level.


We all have privilege! The way we have understood our privilege has impacted those around us in unique and critical ways. This training unpacks the ways in which power and privilege work hand in hand to support and uphold societal norms. This conversation encourages participants to dig deep to unlock their personal power. This conversation looks at the ways race intersects with power and privilege and the impact it can have at all levels of institutions and systems.



This workshop takes an introductory look at understanding

anti-black racism within our society. This interactive session offers participants space for reflection on the current socio-political as well as understanding key concepts and terms associated with anti-black racism. This sessions unpacks the national and global discourse on race relations around the world. 



Our filters matter! The lens in which we view the world is critical towards the decisions we make and people we choose to hire. Our bias filter every interaction we have and every decision we make.  This training is an interactive space that calls folks to dig deeper in understanding how bias are formed, and maintained in society.  



Violence based on gender has and continues to be pervasive within our culture and world. We live in a society where rape culture sells and consent culture requires shift in our understanding. This workshop is an interactive training that allows for participants to engage and unpack key concepts that are rooted in gender based violence. This training will allow for participants to leave with a grounded foundation on how to actively engage in building a culture rooted in consent.  


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