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The absence of equity is oppression! This keynote addresses and peels back the layers of equity and oppression. This address highlights the ways in which equity has been missing from key structures within our society which has laid the foundation for oppression to permeate, flourish and exist within our culture.


This address is 45 minutes long and will offer food for thought on key definitions on equity, oppression and a way forward towards healing, reconciliation and repair.


The term anti-black racism has been circulating in on-going dialogue and conversations from kitchen tables to boardrooms across the country and racial disparities have emerged to the forefront of news cycles. This address spends time deconstructing the ways that racism manifests within our organizations, businesses practices and culture and looks at key steps towards engaging in anti-racism.


In this keynote address we dive into ways systemic oppression has disproportionately impacted the black community.


This keynote address is 45 minutes in length and offers key breakdown of concept, offering critical insight into steps and actions  towards repair and healing.


We all carry filters based on our positionality. How do we check ourselves when our biases are showing? This keynote brings our thoughts to the forefront of how we engage and connect with folks who are outside of our social networks. 


 This keynote brings to our attention the ways in which our perceptions inform our understanding of reality. Once these biases are merged with power and action they can have catastrophic impacts! How are we mindful to the biases we carry. 


This keynote addresses our biases in 45 minutes.  We scratch the surface and make connections to understand how our actions are linked to the biases we carry.



In a society that thrives on experts always being perfect, it creates very little space for anyone to be imperfect. It means that we don’t give space for the honesty in the  unknown and this is often linked to weakness. This  keynote looks at the links between accountability, racial, economic, judicial and healthcare justice. Moving the pendulum from a just-us system to a justice movement requires brave and courageous conversations. In key ways that will motivate us to make shifts in these changing seasons so that everyone can get what they need to thrive. This keynote invites you to make mistakes and be accountable with the power you hold.


This keynote address is 45 minutes in length and explores the layers of accountability. It also allows space to reframe the narrative and shift the way we understand accountability to our broader communities, outside the norm.


This interactive conversation deconstructs the ways that systems uphold, maintain and prioritizes patriarchy within society. The values that are assigned to patriarchy show up at all levels and uphold societal structures. This keynote address unpacks, and makes connections to patriarchy and gender-based violence. This address also talks through tangible ways that we can refocus the discourse to reflect meaningful ways to engage in gender based discussions at all levels of our culture.


This 45 minutes keynote unpacks the systemic ways that violence is institutionalized for women in our society.

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