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This workshop unpacks and breaks down barriers to building dynamic and thriving teams. In this training you will receive an overview of workplace culture and context. This training holds space for participants to navigate the impact of workplace culture and envision shared goals and priorities for the future.


Organizational Equity requires intentional thinking and action beyond HR requirements. This can be hard to navigate while  supporting staff. Structures in a company can negatively impact the ways that staff find belonging, and are allowed to show up as their full selves. Key changes, can shift this!


Having a grounded framework in anti oppression is key to shifting the organizational culture. With a firm foundation in equity any organization can be set up to thrive.


In this training we will explore the principles to building organization equity.


This training deconstructs conflict in the workplace and how understanding the root cause to disagreements can unlock the potential towards building better and stronger professional relationships and boundaries. Conflict doesn’t always have to be negative! In this training we start to dig beneath the surface and the layers of what drives conflict. This training works with leaders at an organizational level.


Change is hard for everyone! This training unpacks structural change and supports teams as they navigate and build capacity through their organization by asking the right questions. This training will explore the ways in which change can impact at both the front-line and management levels. This training looks at systems thinking at all levels of intervention.

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