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Welcome to STR Consulting

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Its with excitement, that I write this first blog post. 

I often ask and open conversations, with the question what led up to this moment, here and doing this work. It’s loaded, I know. However, it offers an opportunity for the person to answer that question however they most feel comfortable, what ever comes to mind in that moment. So today I will start with that… 

My name is Shequita Thompson-Reid founder and principal lead at STR Consulting and I welcome you. I find myself at multiple converging intersections in life and this season offers an opportunity to step-up and into new possibilities, given the current climate of our world. For the past 15 years (and then some) I’ve found deep gratitude, working in and with communities all across Canada. To be apart of and support the growth, process and outcome for many change-oriented discussions, dialogues and conversations has been humbling and profound. This year marks that moment and epiphany for me. 

I wanted to start this website as a marker in time, a time capsule, if you will to archive and capture those past experiences and future moments to come. I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately, in the past 3 years I’ve been fortunate to expand the multiple roles I carry, to now include motherhood. There are so many things that shift when we become parents, but time seems to move at rapid and lighting speed. So this digital platform and archive was meant to signify an honouring of past spaces I’ve supported and building new possibilities. 

Yes, at its core structural function, this online space is meant to be offer trainings, workshops and coaching for Executives, managers and staff. However, it’s also meant to digitally archive the spaces I’ve had the incredible honour of being apart of, that has transcended beyond any role I’ve taken on.  As time passes, our memory fade and things move out of focus, we get busy so this space will hold the past, present and future. 

Currently, we as a society are sitting at the intersections of change, for some we are struggling to find our place for what that means to us, and for others we are very clear about what can’t continue to happen, but together we are all looking to find and forge new paths ahead. The requirements needed to shift and create deep lasting change may not be systems or tools that we have leaned on in the past, it may require that we think outside the box to meet the challenges ahead by asking different questions. The dialogues and conversations I’ve hosted over the past 15 years have inspired and taught me that we have space and capacity to build new innovative roadmaps for change always.

So, I started this blog by stating what has gotten me to this moment… my answer is change. Change has been constant in leading me to my next adventure. It’s scary and means that we don’t always see a clear path ahead but once we are asking the right questions and embracing the unknown, we will get there. 

For me I’ve have worked in spaces that are on the cutting edge of supporting systems change, for people who exist outside the margins. The key to answering this has always been working with those who are most impacted and putting them at the core of all decisions, the research shows this as best practice. Once we do that, everything else falls into place. 

So welcome to STR Consulting. We will work with small -mid and large-scale companies to ignite change at all levels within your team. Reach out, connect and join the dialogue.

This blog will be updated bi-weekly.

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